Sports Betting And Gambling, Their Differences

Sports Betting And Gambling

Gambling and the history

If a course of certain events is determined by chance, these are games of chance. In this context, games of chance are divided into three categories, the first of which are the so-called hazzard games, which are separated from each other according to the reasons for the inviolability of the course of the game. The other two categories consist, on the one hand, of combinatorial games, such as chess, and strategic games, such as card games. Other games, which are played in company can be decided however still additionally by the own skill, as example bowling or Snooker can be quoted here. Thus it can be clarified that the coincidence plays a very different role with the social plays. With the plays, which depend exclusively on luck, as for example play automats, the influence of the coincidence is very large, other plays however, with which the participant can take influence, plays the coincidence no so large role. However, chance is involved in every social game.

What is a bet?

What is a bet

A bet is based on a difference of opinion. Everyone insists on his opinion and is so sure of it that he enters into a bet with a counterpart who holds the opposite opinion. Also the so-called competition belongs to it, if for example two neighbors bet over it, who pulls the largest pumpkin in its vegetable garden. Sometimes there is also a bet on something. For example around a sum of money or around the fact that the loser invites the winner to something. This prospective “earnings” may increase the motivation to bet, but is not decisive for entering into a bet.

Special feature sports betting

Sports bets are also bets. However, they usually give the prospect of a profit. This profit is the motivation of the bettor to place a bet and to stake a bet amount. It is irrelevant whether the bettor is standing directly at a horse race track or on the sidelines of a basketball game, or whether he or she is playing online with one of the many betting providers. Sports betting is not to be lumped together with gambling, because the bet depends on the performance of an athlete and only slightly on luck. At the present time, betting providers within the EU require a license to operate a betting shop – whether stationary or online. However, since sports betting is not a real game of chance, but rather the bet is dependent on a sporting performance, they are in a kind of gray area and the case law has not always been entirely conclusive to date. Even within the various federal states of Germany, there are major differences in the approval of such betting providers.

What is gambling?

What is gambling

The word gambling already designates the dependence on luck. Games of chance are not or only to a small extent influenced by the performance of the player or a third person (as in sports betting the athlete). The gambling machine is the best example here. The user puts money into it and chance decides whether he wins something or he loses his stake completely. Poker and other card games are also games of chance. It is true that a player can influence the course of the game in the best possible way with his experience and skill. However, he has no influence on the cards drawn and is therefore also exposed to chance or luck. The danger of addiction is all the greater here. The feeling of a possible lucky streak and the prospect of a jackpot makes gambling so fascinating and at the same time dangerous for many.

Betting, gambling and lotto: what’s the difference?

Casino games or sports betting?

That casino games and sports betting are primarily dependent on skill sounds too good to be true. In fact, it is not. That’s why personal taste is the only guide to which area of gambling is right for you. Regardless of the choice, Fortuna ultimately decides whether there is a windfall to marvel at or a loss to lament.