How to play Reactoonz

Like every good slot machine, Reactoonz just needs the player to set how much they will bet and spin the reels. Instead of symbols, eight friendly little creatures fall whenever you spin or win a combination. In order to get any wins, at least five identical ones must be touching each other .Its high volatility makes the Reactoonz slot unpredictable and also entertaining, with a reasonable RTP of 96%. Arranged on a 7×7 board, it is not similar to traditional slot games.

Bets are set between 0.20 and 100.00, covering every type of player. Every new spin, some type of monster will receive a special aura. If you make a match with it, a plasma ball – the Reactoonz slot machine’s Wild – will randomly appear. This will help you make new combinations!

When you are lucky enough to get four of the same little monsters to form a square, they turn into a single Giantoonz which doubles your winnings. Also, every time a combination is made, the reactor accumulates energy. Every 25 matching monsters activate a special bonus!

How do the bonuses work?


In total, it is possible to load the reactor with five bonuses, all of them very attractive and also random:

  • Implosion: a yellow ball of energy, which turns 3 to 6 symbols into Wilds and destroys those nearby.
  • Demolition: red in colour, destroying all monsters in one eye.
  • Incision: bluish in colour and quite common, selecting a central monster to replicate it in diagonal lines.
  • Alteration: choose a one-eyed monster and create replicas of it.

If you reach maximum luck and manage to close the reactor, the player unlocks the special bonus Reactoonz, in which Gargantoon appears. This different monster occupies 9 squares and will also act as Wild, splitting and moving even with new combinations, until the round ends.

Finally, there is also a totally random bonus round in the Reactoonz slot game: Gargantoon pops up Wild symbols at will, increasing your chances of winning combinations. Whenever the screen goes dark and “Instability” appears, consider yourself lucky!

Play now!


The Reactoonz game has a number of special features, making it a bit complex compared to regular slots. However, it’s already clear how to activate the bonuses and in the end it’s all down to luck. If you like this style of game, you should also try Jammin Jars, which has an even bigger board: 8×8!