Betting on Corners

Football betting

When it comes to corners, statistics can imply other presentations to the bettor.

1×2 corners at full time – The most known scenario in this aspect. Let’s put as an example the following question, you have the possibility to analyze that the team A has an average of 5 corners in its favor and team B has 3, so if you guess which team will have more corners, you will leave with the profit.

In the example given, the highest probability is that the team A has a greater amount. But remember that other points also need to be analyzed for the choice.

Exact number of corners/”Under and Over” – Trying to take the exact number of corners can also pay well, but the degree of difficulty is also huge.

Thus, it is not so attractive and not advisable. This, on the contrary, we can see in the “under and over” bets, already mentioned in relation to goals.

With the bookmaker placing the odds, it becomes easier. Example: in the match between team A x B, there is a margin of over 7,5 and under 7,5. If you bet on more and 8 corners come out in the match, you’ll already take the profit

Team that has more corners – Another possibility that may also arise, is which team will have the first corner in its favor?


Another point that ends up increasing even more the dynamic and making the bets more difficult too.

There are teams that have a strong attacking rhythm at the very beginning of a match. This team is more likely to have, then, the first corner of the game.

Which team will have the last corner of the match – Like the option mentioned above, some bookmakers offer this, which team will have the last corner in their favour.

Another difficult question to choose, but with live betting you can do well.

A good example is when a team is losing by one goal and needs to attack in a more incisive way.

In this scenario, the probability that the team that is pressing forward has the last corner is huge.

Let’s go back to the example of teams A against B. Let’s suppose that team A averages 10 corners per match and team B averages 5.

Although you already have a general overview, it is interesting to go even deeper. For example, on this occasion Team A plays in its home stadium and Team B comes without the support of its fans.

Therefore, it is worth questioning the average number of corners taken by team A at home and team B away. Let’s put these numbers into practice.

  • Team A playing at home: has a total average of 12.5 corners, but in addition, has an average of 7.9 corners in its favour and an average of 5.6 corners against.
  • Team B playing away from home have the following averages: total of 10 corners, 4 of which are in their favour and the average against is 6.

All this already gives a more complete picture for you to get closer to the exact number.

And finally, there is still another possibility to be even more specific. You can also include in your analysis the number of corners in the previous direct matches between these two teams.

The range of possibilities is quite wide, but there are a few factors that can contribute to the numbers and they follow now as small tips

Betting on Corners

Always remember that a team that attacks more is more likely to win more corners in their favour.

Everything can serve as a parameter, but be careful when betting, because this market is very dynamic and trying to fix the number, even if it is the total of the game, can be a “shot in the foot”.

Another interesting tip is to know that in football the unpredictable can happen, as well as the team being more motivated by some extra-field factor and this can work both for and against.

This way, for corners, besides all the touches passed, take the opportunity to analyze the first 10 minutes and bet based on the scenario that involved the game until it started and also the real scenario, from the beginning of the match.