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Another challenge proposed by bookmakers is the number of yellow and red cards that can appear in a match.

Cards are issued for a variety of reasons in a match. Harder tackles, undisciplined players, for complaining, for delaying the restart of the game, and so on.

In this case, once again we highlight the importance of knowing very well the league, the teams and the confrontations in which you will bet on this market.

Just as corners are recurrent in a match, cards are not left out either. Let’s understand how these bets can be placed.

The choices within the card market work in four subdivisions, which will appear below:

Number of cards
  • Over and Under – The first of these, as with corners is the “over and under” of yellow cards for each team.

For example, you can bet that Team A will get 3 yellow cards and Team B will get 2.

Here, there is also the possibility of which team will get a yellow card first, further increasing the odds.

Total cards in the entire match – Very similar to the first system mentioned, in this case you bet that the cards of both teams added together will give a number above or below a certain amount.

  • Red card – Basically betting on whether or not players will be sent off in a match.

Other bets can also be made within the same match on the same issue.

For example, if both teams will have players sent off and only one of the teams will receive red cards during the match.

  • A good tip in these cases are rivalry matches, which may contain a higher adrenaline charge from fans and players, favoring disagreements or rougher plays.

Card for a player – Finally, in this model, which is quite challenging, the bettor can place his stakes on a certain player who may receive a yellow card or even be sent off.

In this type of betting a very deep analysis of the profile of a certain player is necessary.

We have the example of Felipe Melo, who characteristically plays a marking game and, moreover, usually loses patience in some game situations.

This can be a real problem if the match in which he is taking part has a high degree of rivalry and dispute.

Besides all this, there are some small tips that can make a total difference for card betting. It is interesting to be very attentive to who will referee the game.

Yes, this is very important, because there are referees who are more disciplinary and apply cards more often.

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Others are more permissive and give few fouls. So, pay attention when making this choice as well.

Other details like the championship being played, the importance of the match, key players to receive cards are also options (just like Felipe Melo, already mentioned, also be aware of players like Pepe, Neymar, Sergio Ramos, etc.) and, finally, choose live betting on this issue.

Putting all this together, you’ll be with more ammunition when it comes to betting and can make a great return.